Zerun is one of the oldest greater beasts within the Wolf Clan. Due to his age, he has some trouble dealing with rough travel.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Due to his age, his fur is graying but has croaky voice filled with gravitas. His personality can be easily described as: Grampa. He has a rather direct approach to things and does not tolerate much nonsense.

Relationships Edit

He is first and foremost, Laika's Grampa. He is very protective of the goddess.

Festival of Lights Edit

When the party goes to get advice from the greater beasts when the goddess is missing, he shows Laika the location of where the Vessel of Yoni disappeared and requests the guardians to go check it out. He gifts Laika an amulet, which when broken will call the beasts to their aid.

Into Avelis Edit

Zerun hears the call of the Amulet that Laika broke and is brought back into the world of the living. Laika finds Zerun struggling in the ocean and saves him. He carries the Goddess upon his back as they travel across the desert and through the oasis. The party uses one of their amulets and Zerun to ask Nadona some questions.

Zerun decides to stay at the Temple at Iol when the party decides to head towards Torva's Jaw. Through the battle with Torva's troops, he protects the pilgrims at the temple.

In The Gray Manacle Edit

Zerun and Gingie stay back at the Inn to protect the sleeping goddess as the party goes out to save the King of Danmar.