Zaroth is a 19 year old , Half Elven Fighter played by Rudy Basso. He is a proud member of the Gray Manacle. He is the Chief supply officer.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Zaroth is a male Half elf with a wirey frame, grey eyes and soft shoulder length blue hair that is tied up in a pony-tail. On his waist he has a dagger and rapier.

He is excitable, quick to trust, and eager to look cool.

In The Gray Manacle Edit

Zaroth is sent by Su-Mi to question Corbin and pick up a shipment at the Docks. Excited to hear that Corbin is interested in joining the Gray Manacle, he returns to Su-Mi to request that Corbin become his assistant. Su-Mi begrudgingly allows this but tells him to kill Corbin if he steps out of line. Impressed by Corbin's sense of fashion, he cuts out his own boob-window. Trusting Corbin, he takes off Corbin's manacles and together they head towards the docks to meet with Meela's (Meelava), the Gray Manacle Supplier. Meelah gives Zaroth the goods and taking him to the side, tells him to distrust Corbin. Heeding her warning, as they walk away from the docks, he unsuccessfully tries to place the manacles back on to Corbin's wrists. The rest of the party finds Zaroth and Corbin, and engages in battle. As he is losing the fight, his amulet breaks, a fireball is set loose, and he dissapears. Zaroth wakes up safe in Meela's ship, where she chastizes him for attempting to fight the guardians.

Finding about his failure and his unwillingness to cooperate with the Grey Manacle's plan of stopping the City's water supply, Su-mi locks Zaroth into the King's apartments to keep him out of the way. When the King of Danmar and the party finds their way into the Kings Apartment to retreive a key, Zaroth decides to switch sides and help out.