Story Arc 1: Festival of Lights has 9 episodes, and follows the very first adventures of Corbin, Laika, and Fran.

Summary Edit

The three soon-to-become friends became the Goddess' personal guardians by solving a bunch of puzzles, like getting out of water traps, and proving themselves to be worthy of protecting the Goddess. They also discovered a bunch of dead birds and fought three lampshades, during which Laika did a cool back-flip.

In the Undertemple they found evidence of the shape-shifting vessel of the Yoni (Goddess of scavengers) that was kept, but which was no longer there. However, the guardians learned that after a vessel has been possessed and then left by a deity, another deity (Torva, in this case) can possess the vessel.

As part of the research of finding out more about the vessel and how it all works, the best party was thrown. During the coolest party ever (Fall Out Orc was there), a drunk and smitten elf lady who told the guardians how the Yoni's vessel has no face (and just so it happened, no one has ever seen Cordelia's face).

Then Corbin, Laika, and Fran went back to the woods and talked to the Greater Beasts ("big animals" - Corbin) - the descendants of the ancient Beast Gods (crow, deer, and wolf) that gave the Goddess her powers. Following the advice of Zerun, the three guardians went to the place where - allegedly - the vessel of the Yoni threw herself off Estra.

Festival of Lights is, as the name suggests, an annual (?) festival. During the lighting of the lanterns, shit went down.

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Featured Locations Edit

  • Estra - a floating island, which is mostly a forest and a very packed city.
  • Temple
  • Temple Library
  • Undertemple
  • Temple barracks - full of Star Rookie hotties.