Slake is a player character, voiced by Hannah Culbert. They are half-orc, and of the Fighter class. They are nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. Their main weapons are climbing picks, which function as hand-axes when used in combat. They travel with their pet Rhinoceros Beetle, Darius #8.

They live in the Red Caverns with their mentor, Namavee. Despite being born in an Orcish clan, they have been trained seperately to serve the tribe's God, Yo-un the Insect.

They enjoy sculpting in their spare time.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Slake is small for an orc, but muscular. They have mottled green skin, dark mossy green hair, and wear a pauldron salvaged from the carapace of a monstrous insect.

Out of all the guardians, Slake has the most common sense.

In the Final Chapter Prologue Edit

Hearing the voice of Yo-un, Slake follows the sound of skittering through the caves until they happen upon a ruin of Estra that crashed into the tunnels. Slake meets the Vioni, who is in the form of an Orcish woman, and Yo-un. Vioni asks Slake to be her blessing and aid The Goddess, Fran, and Corbin in their battle against Torva. Slake excitedly takes on this sacred quest. After gathering their things and receiving well wishes from their mentor, they travel out of the caverns on to the town of Banfel. In the Town market, they bump into their old friend Ainsley and The Gap, and buy a horse, that they name Ainsley. Traveling to Madria on horseback, they save a man from bandits and encounter an omen involving an earthquake, a flying creature, and later on in the night, a shape of a young man with a boob window. When they arrive at Madria, Slake sees the city under attack and citizens fleeing the city. Vioni's voice sounds in the young guardian's mind, alerting that them that their goal is close and that they must hurry.

In The Court of Spears Edit

As the rest of the party attend to Lord Ngyuenian, Slake goes to gather information. They speak with staff members and learn that the estate had recently hired a new stablehand who attends to Lord Ngyuenian's horse. Slake bolts to the stable in an attempt to find the new hire, but instead happens upon the other stable hands playing a game. Speaking with them, Slake learns that this hire, Jarrob, was also from the same street cleaning crew as the new hire from the Marchioness's staff.

The next morning, they are woken up by Dodson and informed that Queen will be visiting the party. Dressed in mourning clothing, Slake along with the rest of the party is invited by the queen to a celebration of life.