Professor Sha meets our guardians at the Oasis in the large desert where they have landed after reaching Avelis.

He is a nerdy, tall, elf with round glasses who enjoys goblin linguistics and speaking old as balls common. Sha has a tendency to go off on adventures for months at a time without any contact with the rest of his collegues. He also loves books and the sound of his own voice. Sometimes he says really cool and funky stuff like "You are as fresh as the month of May" and "Doest thou jest?".

Sha is originally from Ilfra. He is wearing a brilliant red sash with a symbol of two birds with their wings spread in opposite directions and an arcane rune in the centre (symbol of the university of Madria).

In Into Avelis Edit

While eating breakfast in the market, Sha notices Laika is speaking old common and invites them to his table, thinking that she is a fellow scholar. Upon learning that she was from Estra, he gets extremely excited to learn more about what linguistic knowledge she could share. He helps Laika get oriented with some of Avelis's culture by offering to teach new common in exchange for more information about Estra.

Sha offers to buy the Estran books for the Madrian Library off the orcs. Suggesting that the guardians will be accompanying Nadona to Madria to ensure the delivery of the books to the Univeristy ultimately gets Nadona to agree to Sha's offer. In return for the book's protection, Sha offers his language skills to translate for the party as they go shopping for supplies in the market.