Appearance and Personality Edit

Nadona is a white haired female orc.

She is an empathetic woman who values keeping the knowledge of Estra alive.

In Into Avelis Edit

Nadona is struck with grief as she enters the ruins of the Estran library. She assists Fran and Corbin in gathering the books and makes an empathetic gesture to both guardians. At the Oasis, she adamantly refuses to hand over the books the Orcs and other buyers, but allows Fran access. She does not want the history of the fallen island to sit in libraries of the rich to gather dust. However, with the promise from Professor Sha that the books would be utilized respectfully at the Madrian University and protection from the party, she decides to transport the books across the desert. As they are attacked by a dracolich, she skillfully drives the sled through a narrow passageway as the party provides cover. When Fran attempts to converse with Nadona through Zerun and the amulet, she is a bit unerved by the experience. Through observation of the Goddess, she is able to somewhat communicate with the party, noting that the sign language she utilizes is "prayer" speak.