Laika is a Tiefling Paladin of the Wolf clan. Her familiar is Gingie, a cute red wolf. She is played by Sophia.

She is the teenage wolf of the group.

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Appearance and personality Edit

Laika has not spent that much time with humans (living in the forest with wolves and all) so she does her best to learn about them, sniffing their butts and howling along to the songs.

She is the only one of the guardians' trio who does not understand the Goddess' sign language as Laika is not a (primarily) magic user, unlike Fran and Corbin. She is extremely loyal to her friends and believes in her duties as a guardian, as it one of the only thing she is certain of.

In Festival of Lights Edit

With her divine sense, she realized that the Goddess's room was desecrated.

When Corbin finds a hidden cave where the Yoni's vessel was thought to jump off of the island, she climbs down with Fran on her back. Due to the magnetic floor of the first part of the dungeon, she is pinned to the floor but is able to observe 3 hand prints on the ceiling.

Laika's achievements in arc:

  • did a cool backflip;
  • sniffed a lot of human butts (despite being told not to);

In Into Avelis Edit

As the entire city of Estra broke apart and fell from the sky, Laika held onto the Goddess who passed out after failing to keep Estra afloat. A huge piece of rubble separated them from Fran and Corbin. After they have fallen into a huge body of water and nearly drowned, they find themselves on an island with a still unconcious goddess. Laika takes the goddess onto her back and swims to shore with some difficulty. She summons Gingie as her steed and breaks Zerun's amulet. Laika hears screaming and finds that there are other Estrans stranded in the ocean on a piece of rubble. However in the process of heading over to save them, she also notices Zerun struggling against the waves. Unable to save both due to her waning strength, she decides to pull Zerun to safety. The next morning, she buries the bodies of the family that she was unable to save the night before.

With her animal companions and an unconcious goddess, she treks across the desert to an oasis. She attempts to speak to some camels to get a better understanding of their new environment. Unfortuneately due to the camel's intelligence, not much information was gained but they did direct Laika to the market place. When the Goddess wakes up, Laika informs the goddess that the island has fallen and attempts to reassure her. Ravenous from their travels across the unforgiving desert, Laika attempts to haggle with some sellers at the food stalls, but ends up getting swindled due to the language barrier. Luckily, Laika and her companions are called over by Professor Sha as he has overheard them speaking Old Common. As everyone else steals Sha's breakfest, Laika makes a deal with Sha; where she provides some information about the fallen Island in exchange for some lessons on New Common and translation.

After meeting Sha, the sounds of Corbin's wretched crow calls leads Laika to the distressed teen, utimately leading to a reunion with all of the guardians. Fran takes Laika aside to discuss about her distrust of the goddess and the lies they have been told on Estra. While Laika agrees that they should be cautious, she stands firm that they should continue to watch over the goddess, especially due to the fact that her identity has been shaped by her responsibilities as a guardian. The tiefling also shares her desire to learn more about the world below as well as of what happened at the Festival of Lights on Estra. She is able to persuade Fran into staying with the goddess and together as they realize their dire mistake of leaving Corbin with Sha.

At the Temple of Iol, Laika learns more about the history of Tieflings on Avelis, and learn that in exchange for their wings, some teiflings decided to follow the goddess into Estra.