Gingie is Laika's animal companion, steed and of course, best friend.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Gingie is a ginger colored wolf with silver streaks in her fur.

She is quite excitable and eager to bite people that she does not like, although she always asks for Laika's permission beforehand.

In Festival of Lights Edit

Gingie stands off with Cordelia to keep her from sneaking into Laika's room. During the epic party, Laika calls Gingie over to Allia, and successfully wins the druken elf's heart. Laika utilizes Allia's weakness for dogs to get her to answer questions about cordelia/ceclia and the undertemple.

Into Avelis Edit

Laika's successfully summon's Gingie as her steed. As Laika's steed, she is infused with Laika's paladin's magic. She is unsure what happened on the island and the other animal companions, and was a bit disoriented by the fall. She assist's Laika in saving Zerun in the ocean. Gingie takes turns with Laika taking watch for their first night on the beach.

Laika ask's Gingie to scout out the grate at Torva's Jaw. She bravely sniffs around and comes back with Corbin's feather.