Dawson is a halfling merchant of magical items. As long there is a deal to be had, he can speak and understand any language.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Dashing Dawson is a handsome halfing with golden ringlets and fancy, gold embroidered clothes. He is accompanied by Delilah, beautiful deal donkey with the softest grey fur and gorgeous black mane intertwined with flowers.

Dashing Dawson is dramatic, charming, and always up for a good deal.

Into Avelis Edit

While buying supplies at the Desert Oasis Market, Dashing Dawson's stall (which seemed to come out of nowhere) catches the eye of the party. He is able to tell that the party is "special" in some way. As they are looking over his wares, he strikes a deal with Laika. In exchange for retrieving an artifact from either Fang Lake or Long Castle, he will share the secret location of Lavel the scribe.