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Dames and Dragons is a 5e Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast featuring an all lady cast, 18% fart jokes, a mystery or two, and some fumbling attempts at heroism!

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The Dames and Dragons podcast was launched in 2017, and features four friends and special guests playing a D&D 5e-ish campaign in the home brewed world of Avelis. Starting in the floating forested city of Estra, an idyllic place plucked from the surface of a dying world thousands of years ago. A place of magic and stability. A place that fosters the best in all the men, women, and non-binary beings thereon. A home for all good things that will, I'm sure, go on for ever and ever.

A fun and goof-filled adventure for three guardian teens who look after their world's goddess making mistakes and pratfalls that probably will not lead to the destruction of a civilization and the death of thousands! Hahaha. Keep tuning in for more wacky adventures!

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Find way more info on their Tumblr page. Reach them on Twitter. Join their group on Facebook. Are you old? Check them out on Compuserve! Then support them on Patreon! Or visit their Podcast Network, the Don't Split the Podcast Network Network, which is also home of Have Spellbook Will Travel, a D&D 5e Artificial Play podcast with a great Wiki!

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