Ah, the Characters, those who inhabit and give flavoring spice to the home-brewed world in which the Dames play. 

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Player CharactersEdit

Player characters include all those played by our Cast and their guests on the podcast. 





Professor Sha


Non-Player Characters (Recurring)Edit

Allia - smashed Estran elven attendant of the crow clan

Alonia - Frans trainer, who died shortly before her guardianship, but who keeps coming up

Azzam - Prince of Danmar, betrothed to Princess Renetta

Bae - the deer familiar of Fran 

Buddy - mentor of Laika 

Burger-Jerger - crow familiar of Corbin

Captain Lorea - Captain of the Madrian Guard

Cecelia- Goddess's personal attendant

Cordelia-Goddess's personal attendant

Dashing Dawson - magical trader extraordinaire

Diamond-Dashing Dawson's Champion

Falen - the demigod of betrayal

Gingie - the wolf familiar/steed of Laika

King Abassi - King of Danmar, wields the power of water

Lord Andolen-

Lord Helmshire-

Lord Maldricks-

Luell - Estran librarian of the Deer Clan

Nadona-White haired female orc who refused to sell the Estran books

Nguyenian - a lively Madrian lord, good friends with Lord Andolen

Princess Magdelaina-

Queen Tenevein - Queen of Madria

Renetta - Princess of Madria, betrothed to Azzam

Sylvia -

The goddess / Maeri - remember the goddess? It's a song about the goddess.

The Marchioness -

Vioni - The scavenger, Child of Rayel

Torva - The conquerer, Child of Rayel

Wivvel-the scribe

Zerun - the wolf grandpa

Non-Player Characters (One Shot)Edit

Adgrin Oewen - Estran deer clan receptionist of the Temple Barracks

Ainsley - Slake's old Halfling friend who they thought was stuck at Horse Camp forever

Artie - A tea drinking iron golem artificer for Torva

Dokella - Desert Orc Healer

Haven - Estran Halfing assistant to the Restorationist

Nodrig (Not-Rick) the orc chieftain.

Naya - female Wolf Greater Beast

Palo - a traveler from the Farah Mountains

Patrick Maketheirhandstumps - Half Orc Bard of the band Fall Orc Boy

Peter FromWhencetheycame - Half Orc Bard of the band Fall Orc Boy

Red roof oat streamer - An unfortunate Halfing crow clan attendant

Sol - a traveler from the Farah Mountains

Vasenti Johanna - A Estran tiefling who is one of the Star rookie guards of the Barracks

Cosu and vesrin - Greater beasts of the Deer clan

Oola, Minsma, Cornelius - Crow Greater Beasts

Yo-Un - The insect, son of The Yoni

Zara Vovez - A Estran Half Orc who is one of the Star rookie guards of the Barracks

Reference CharactersEdit

All the gods, to be added. 

Fen - The Force of Life

Iol - The force of Death

Rayel - The force of War

Beleus the sword

Fiona - the shield

Poe -the axe

Weah - the archer

Minatine - the spear

Desit - the flame

Rascar - the rage