Cecelia is a high elf woman of the Deer Clan and is one of the Goddess's personal attendants.

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Appearance and Personality Edit

Cecelia's appearance is closer to the elves of Avelis, with sharper features compared to the elves of Estra.

She is intelligent, confident and haughty. Alia, one of the oldest attendants in Esta, has described her as a bitch.

In The Festival of Lights Edit

Cecelia attempts to enter Laika's room under the pretense of updating the guardians about the shades they had encoutered the previous day and for fittings. Gingie prevents her from doing this. As the guardians returns to their rooms and see her, Cecelia berates Laika for the behavior of her companion. After this confrontation, she leads the guardians to a room for fittings, and informs them that basedon the scholars analysis, the shades were on the island just to drain The Goddess's life force and nothing else. She suggests that the guardians do not need to continue their investigation based on this information. Cecelia also attempts to thwart the Guardian's party as it would disrupt The Goddess's festival preparation, but quickly gives up.

Returning from their exploration of the hidden cave underneath the island, the guardians face Cecelia, who is sitting next to the Sleeping Goddess. The Goddess awakens and attempts to dismiss Cecelia, but quickly is placed into a cold unconcious state. Cecelia commends the Guardians for their investigative abilities and offers to answer any questions they may have.

Into Avelis Edit

Ceclia is seen walking in with Torva as he enters Torva's Jaw. She notices the party as they hide under an illusion, but does not rat them out.