Avelis is the name of the world on which our heroes land in Story Arc 2: Into Avelis, consisting of many cities, continents, and countries.

On this island, only gods, demi-gods, or people blessed by gods have magic abilities, which gives the trio an opportunity to goof around and play gods.

You can meet folk from all the races who inhabited Estra, however, they mostly stay seperate (unlike Estra). They look pretty much the same, but tieflings have wings and can fly. They speak a different version / newer form of Common, and the language of Estrans is considered the old tongue.

Geography Edit

It's an island, which consists of three parts:

  1. Rook (on the North-East) - where the Story Arc 2 takes place.
  2. Maroon (on the West).
  3. Vola (on the South).

Cities Edit

Known/major cities (as from the map):

Notable Locations Edit

  • Fang Lake - where once a giant crab dwelled (until it was viciously killed by the guardians).
  • Torva's Jaw - mountain range where Torva lives and keeps his goodies.
  • Temple of Iol
  • The Oasis Market - the oasis on which Laika and Maeri collapsed, and where Fran and Corbin came 0- where they met Prof. Sha.
  • Long Castle
  • Farah Mountains - where the heroes encountered two travelers and Fran cast the Fart Spell for the first time.

Characters Edit

History Edit

Avelis has been ended four times - including the time Torva burned the world, and Estra was raised.