Dames and Dragons is a Team Squad Podcast brought to you since Episode 12 on the Don't Split the Podcast Network. 

Episode 1, the eponymous Episode 1, The Festival of Lights (Part 1), was posted to the stream on January 18, 2017, not coincidentally the 2,055th anniversary of Emperor Octavian's divorce of his wife Scribonia, the comic strip debut of Popeye the Sailor Man, and the birthday of Al Capone, Michelle Obama and Vidal Sassoon. Or perhaps coincidentally. 

The first three episodes were recorded by the cast from another room in an occupied bus station using a wicker cornucopia, captured on wax cylinders first molded by Alberto, the third apprentice of Fredo Marconi (brother of Guiglielmo) and mastered on a 3/4 track Radio Shack voice transcoder. The next 6 episodes were recorded on shared Microphones, with the intimacy getting to be a little too much at times. Since episode 9 or so, the sound has been captured on state of the art Sennheiser MD421s by union boom operators in a stablized closed cell foam sound stage. (It was never that bad)

Music for the podcast is composed and performed by Noel, who edits and mixes the cast. The synthesized electronic sound of the theme music and much of the ambient music gives the podcast a sort of almost 80s video game feel which matches nicely with the overall feel of the adventure. The music is composed on a keyboard? Probably.